Elektronische Zutrittskontrolle für öffentliche Räume in Städten und Kommunen

Allow your employees or customers direct access to rooms, sports areas and other objects with the access control

Labour saving

Simple booking with access control

The functioning of the Locaboo online booking system is very simple. You don't need any special prior knowledge and can establish or revoke the authorisations without any effort.

A key is not required for access to the monitored rooms or buildings. The system is based on an electronic door lock. The authorised person opens the lock with an app on their smartphone.

In this way, it is possible to grant access to authorised persons spontaneously or at short notice.

Variable areas of application: Buildings, rooms, vehicles, sports surfaces, etc.

Book with Locaboo and unlock with Tapkey!

You have the option of using the booking system with locking system and access control for all locks or door locks in your building. Equip the entrance door or certain rooms with an electronic door lock accordingly.

Tapkey also offers locking systems for vehicles, containers and much more.

Thus, all rental objects in your company are connected to the online booking with access control.

Actual use (check-in)

The Locaboo Check-In function allows your customers to announce themselves as present. This also works when opening a digital door lock.

This allows you to record and evaluate the actual use of your rental properties.

Other functions: