Customer management / customer management software simple & efficient

Efficiently and easily manage existing customers.

The Locaboo customer management (CRM) offers you a lot of comfort for the master data maintenance of your customers. In addition, your customers have their own customer account to update their customer data.

Simple search & filter
Save time with self-service
All customer data at a glance

Customer groups & keywords

Customer groups & keywords help you to segment your customers. The customer groups offer you powerful functions, e.g. in pricing or authorizations.

Send invitations

Invite your customers to book online: Send an email with an invitation link with your logo.

All email templates in Locaboo can be sent customized with your logo and color scheme.

Central customer account

Of course, you can make all changes to the master data of your customers. However, customers can also view and change their own personal data themselves via the Locaboo customer account.

To ensure a certain level of data security, you will be informed about every change made to the customer in the customer account. You can decide whether you want to update the change in your master data as well or not.

Other functions: