Mit Abrechnungssystem für Städte, Rechnungen mühelos online erstellen

Create offers, order confirmations, invoices, down payment invoices or even cancellation invoices directly with Locaboo.

Optionally process payments via online payment service providers and keep track of payments made or down payments.

Flexible invoice design
Automatic email dispatch
Customisable documents

Display of bookings not yet settled

With Locaboo you will no longer miss a settlement. The display of unbilled bookings contains a list of all customers for whom invoices still have to be created.

With a few mouse clicks you have created all invoices and sent them to your customers via email.

Automatic invoice dispatch

Do you want your regular customers or certain customer groups to receive your statements automatically?

The automatic invoice dispatch enables the settlement of all past bookings weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Or simply when a booking is over.

Alternatively, you can have your invoices prepared automatically and only have to release them for dispatch.

Accounting interface

Locaboo offers you a variety of interfaces to accounting or financial systems.

Automate your entire booking process. From online booking to billing and then directly to your accounting department.

For more information on the accounting interfaces, see the Integrations section.

Other functions: