Efficient organisation for
Churches & Social Institutions

Digitise your rooms and other rental objects with Locaboo's
booking system and reduce your administrative workload.

Ask us about discounted conditions for churches & social institutions.

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Simply book rooms & co. online

Do you need a simple and clear software for the Room management?

With Locaboo, you don't just digitise the rooms of your social institution. Locaboo is suitable for all rental objects, such as vehicles, workplaces, offices, event spaces and all other rental objects.

Simply let your employees or clients book your resources online.

Working together

The Locaboo occupancy calendar is available for all employees or members. Either transparently integrated on your website, or only accessible via user authentication.

The communication of new bookings, changes or cancellations is automatically included. You can be informed by email or in the notification centre.

With Locaboo, you work together with all your users in an ideal way.

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Plan and run courses & seminars

Would you also like to offer courses or seminars for your social issues?

The Locaboo Course and Seminar Manager allows you to book and manage your courses and seminars online. You can offer all dates for online booking directly on your website.

With Locaboo, you can increase the capacity utilisation of your courses and seminars while reducing your workload.

What our customers say

City of Singen

Viel Ergebnis mit wenig Aufwand. Im 21ten Jahrhundert muss der Verwaltungsaufwand im Zusammenspiel mit Bürgern deutlich verbessert werden.

Fabian Wilhelmsen

Sports, Baths & Administration Department

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