User management: Easy access for managing employees

Enable collaboration with your staff.

Create user accounts for your employees and invite them to Locaboo. It is also possible to connect your infrastructure via SSO (Single-Sign-On).

Easy teamwork
Invite users via email
Rights & Roles System

Set your own booking authorisations

You can restrict the booking permissions for users. Either they are allowed to edit all bookings, only their own bookings or are only given read rights for the respective resources. In addition, you can define whether there are certain lead times for new bookings/changes, set cancellation periods or decide whether bookings may be changed in the past or not.

Individual booking authorisations can be stored for each user or user group.

Enable access to all areas

Of course, various sub-areas can be locked or unlocked for users in Locaboo.

This allows you to freely decide which users have access authorisation for certain areas based on your company structure.

Users as far as the eye can see

Each Locaboo package contains a certain number of available users. Give all users permission to collaborate in your Locaboo account.

You can add more users to your account for a fee with just a few mouse clicks.

Other functions: