Service provider directory & services online booking with Locaboo

Automate the cooperation with your service providers. Create bookable services and service providers in Locaboo which will be informed directly in the event of an online booking. This saves valuable time and administrative effort and improves your overall organisation.

Automated commissioning
Service provider directory
Integration in online booking

Offer services and let them be booked online

Would you like a coffee? Your employees or customers can order selected services directly when booking online. You can control the price of the services yourself and, if necessary, adjust it to the booking period. In addition, purchase and sales prices can be stored for all services and thus help to determine the profit.

This means that the price is immediately transparent for your customers and can simply be added in the desired quantity.

Separate access for service providers

Optionally invite your service providers to collaborate in Locaboo. Your service providers can log into the service provider account and receive all information about past and upcoming bookings.

All information about booked services can be viewed online at any time.

Automated notification

Service providers can be notified directly by email when booking services. The email contains all relevant booking information for the service provider. Whenever a booking is changed or cancelled, the service providers are notified accordingly.

This allows you to automate internal processes and commission service providers directly.

Other functions: