Seasonal planning: winter and summer simply planned

Locaboo Seasonal Planning is a great work saver, especially if you work a lot with recurring occupancies. Your recurring occupancies are linked to time periods and are thus flexibly adaptable.

Locaboo seasonal planning is unique and ingenious.

High time saving
Especially for sports surfaces
Easy adjustment of booking periods
Symbolic image for the planning mode of a season in Locaboo.

Plan and publish seasons

In the planning mode you can - hidden from the public - make your entire season planning.

Plan summer times, winter times, vacation times, and much more. With one mouse click your bookings are visible in the calendar for you and all employees or customers.

Link bookings with seasons

Simply link your recurring bookings to seasons. When changing the period of a season, all recurring bookings contained in it will automatically adjust to the period.

For example, you can react immediately to weather changes if the operation has to be switched to summer or winter schedule.

Icon image to link season to bookings in Locaboo.
Symbol image to copy or duplicate seasons to reuse them in Locaboo.

Copy seasons incl. bookings

The next winter season is coming soon? Then simply copy the last winter season incl. all bookings with one mouse click.

All bookings automatically adjust to the period of the new season. Save valuable working time and avoid monotonous and time-consuming work steps.

Other functions: