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Why you should use Locaboo for your space and
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5-Star Support

With our support team, we support you both in your everyday work with Locaboo, but also, if desired, in the initial implementation. In addition to personal telephone support and training opportunities, extensive videos and our help centre are also available to you.

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Training, video lessons, telephone support and help centre
White Label

You want to use Locaboo under your own domain and in your corporate identity? No problem!
Locaboo can also be 100% customised to your wishes and is already in use in some companies as well as cities as a white label solution.

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Sie wollen Ihre Räume und Eingangshallen mit Geräten ausstatten oder bereits vorhandene nutzen? Für beides haben wir eine Lösung.
Locaboo ist grundsätzlich geräteunabhängig und kann mit bereits bestehender Hardware verwendet werden.

Locaboo is device-independent.
Open API -
countless possibilities.

If all our integrations are still not enough, you have the option of getting to work yourself and using our open API for your own applications.
Talk to us about this at an early stage. We are happy to support you and look forward to new extensions.

Our software is as individual
as your requirements.

We often hear from our customers: "But everything is different with us."
We can only say: Great, with us too!

Locaboo makes it possible to map all the individual policies and rules of your organisation without any programming effort. This makes Locaboo one of the strongest solutions in the field of booking and occupancy management software.

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Über 500 zufriedene Kunden
vertrauen Locaboo bereits.

Zahlreiche Städte, Kommunen und Gemeinden nutzen Locaboo, um
Buchungsprozesse zu automatisieren, ihre Auslastung zu steigern sowie Kosten und Aufwände zu senken.

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