Kunden und Mitarbeiter in Ihrer Stadt oder Kommune ganz einfach online einchecken lassen per QR Code

The Locaboo Check-In function allows your customers to announce themselves as present.

This allows you to record and evaluate the actual usage.

Presence via self-service
Check-in via QR code
Measure actual utilisation

Self-service Check-In & Check-Out

Provide a QR code at your resources which, when scanned by mobile phone, enables check-in. The exact time and optionally also the geo-coordinates of the device are recorded.

In addition, your customers have the option of releasing the resource again with the check-out.

In this way, you can precisely track the presence of your customers and evaluate it afterwards.

Ticket scanner app

A ticket with a QR code can be sent to your customers for each booking. Admission can be granted and authorisation checked via the in-house ticket scanner app. Check-in takes place automatically. Check-out is also optionally possible here.

The ticket scanner app is available as an alternative to self-service check-in.

Location check (optional)

Optionally, you can activate the location check at check-in. This way, your customers have to transmit the geo-coordinates of their device during check-in in order to check in successfully.

This gives you another opportunity to check whether the customer was actually on site when the booking was made. This is part of the evaluation of the actual utilisation of your resources.

Other functions: