Detaillierte Analyse und Statistikauswertung für Städte und Kommunen

Locaboo's flexible statistics tool gives you a wide variety of evaluation options. All statistics data can be exported in Excel format for further processing.

All data in real time
Graphical or tabular evaluation
Many filter options

Restrict data as desired

Locaboo provides you with a variety of filters and restriction options. Among other things, you can filter the results by date, time, resources or customers.

You will only receive the data you really need.

Especially for the municipal sector, all data can also be grouped by cost center.

Excel export & print function

You can also further process the evaluation data in your spreadsheet. Our Excel export is available for this purpose.

The graphs generated by the statistics tool can also be exported or printed for your purposes in no time.

Wide range of evaluation options

Locaboo leaves nothing to be desired in terms of the options for evaluations.

Create statistics from, among others:

  • Utilization or actual utilization
  • Turnover & profit
  • Use by your customers or use of your resources
  • Bookings & Booking Requests
  • Inventory & Services Used
  • and much more.

Other functions: