Manage booking rates easily & quickly with Locaboo

From simple hourly rates to elaborate pricing systems with different customer group prices - with Locaboo you can design prices for your online offer as you wish and have almost unlimited possibilities.

Transparent pricing
Map your own tariff system
Unlimited tariffs possible
Symbolic image for the display and selection of customer groups for tariffs.

Customer group prices

The Locaboo customer groups run through many areas of Locaboo. This is also the case with the tariffs: Set all your pricing based on customer groups.

The pricing of inventory (equipment) and services is of course also possible according to customer groups.

Pricing at will

What criteria do you use to set the prices for your online bookings?

Per minute, hour, school hour, day, night, week, month or per person? Or simply a fixed price per booking? Different prices on different days of the week, at different times of the day or graduated prices based on certain aspects? Even different tariffs based on the customer's input during online booking are feasible. Or priorities, if tariffs overlap.

As you can see, with Locaboo tariffs you can certainly map onto your tariff system. For the customer, you can explain your tariffs transparently when booking online so that no questions arise.

Symbolic image to show tariff settings for different criteria.
Symbolic image for the representation of price quotations.

Profit determination

You can enter a cost price for all prices in Locaboo. This will help you determine your profit.

In this way, you not only have an overview of your turnover, but also of the profit you have made.

Other functions: