Inventory management: your complete equipment bookable online

Your complete equipment - bookable online.
Manage your inventory easily and efficiently in Locaboo.

Offer your equipment when booking your...

  • Rooms,
  • Vehicles or
  • Sports areas

and increase your turnover.

Simple inventory management
Increase sales
Avoid overbooking
Symbolic image for the pricing of inventory in Locaboo.

Flexible pricing

Price your inventory according to your ideas. Be it per customer group, fixed prices or according to time periods. You can also store purchase and sales prices and calculate your profit.

Your customers will see the correct price when booking online. As a supplier, you can adjust each price individually for each booking.

Inventory Management & Online Booking

Would you like to offer inventory or equipment when booking your rooms, sports facilities, vehicles or other rental objects online? Locaboo allows you to easily create and manage your inventory. Define various characteristics and availabilities of the items.

When booking online, your customers can simply add the desired equipment (inventory).

Symbolic image for booking existing inventory at certain resources in Locaboo.
Symbolic image of the simple management of inventory in Locaboo.

Define available inventory

Specify the available number of your inventory items to avoid overbooking. Locaboo also prevents conflicts when booking your inventory at the same time.

This means that only the inventory that is actually available can be booked.

Other functions: