Room management online software: simple & efficient with Locaboo

Manage the occupancy of your rooms in a completely new way. Locaboo works much easier than any room management application you've had before. And the beauty is that with Locaboo you increase the occupancy of your rooms, but reduce your workload.

Reduce workload
Increase utilization
Online payment possible
Symbolic representation of Locaboo calendars

Integration with existing calendars

Easily offer the booking of your meeting rooms online. Your customers or employees can use the convenient online widgets via your website or intranet to book online. And absolutely device-independent.

All Locaboo booking calendars can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure (e.g. Outlook).

Digital signage (displays)

Show the occupancy of your rooms via digital signage. The Locaboo widgets can be used hardware-independently on all modern displays - with and without touchscreen.

The "Lobby" widget provides an optimal overview at your entrance. The "Resources" widget shows the upcoming bookings at the respective room.

You can also purchase displays for continuous operation directly from us. Ask our customer consultants for suitable displays for your application.

Symbolic representation of the Locaboo widget on a display
Symbolic representation of the countless possibilities to rent out objects in Locaboo.

Booking of rooms and much more.

With Locaboo, you can digitize not only your meeting rooms, but all rental properties at all your locations.

Employees or customers can thus book online not only rooms, but also, for example, vehicles, lockers or other rentable objects.

Locaboo is your leading system for occupancies and perfect for online booking in your company.

Other functions: