Effiziente Ressourcenverwaltung für Gemeinden

Manage your resources, such as ...

  • Rooms,
  • Jobs,
  • Sports areas,
  • Vehicle fleet and all other rental objects.

You have complete control over all your resources at all your locations. Simply offer your resources for online booking.

Digitize resources
Making resources bookable online
Optimal utilization of resources
Symbolic image on the possibilities of opening and special opening hours of resources.

Opening hours, closing times & availabilities

Use the opening hours to define when your resources may be booked. With the special opening hours you have the complete freedom to open your resources yourself.

Blocking times can be created over freely definable periods of time. Your customers will be informed accordingly why a resource cannot be booked at a certain time.

Should certain customers or customer groups only have limited booking rights? With Locaboo availabilities you control whether a resource is booked, requested only or read only. In addition, you can also allow certain customer groups to have full-day, multi-day, or multi-resource bookings.

Locations & Categories

Locaboo empowers you to structure your resources according to your needs. Locations define the general addresses of your resources.

Categorize your resources according to your ideas. Whether by floors, buildings, resource type, etc.. - there are no limits. Categories help you to get a better overview in many places in Locaboo - especially if you manage a large number of resources.

Iconic image on the topic of creating categories in Locaboo and structuring them.
Symbolic image on the topic of rule creation regarding dependencies to other resources in Locaboo.

Rules & Dependencies

Let your employees or customers book according to your rules. Determine the desired length, interval, lead time or follow-up of the bookings. If you do not want to make certain resources bookable with each other or mandatory with each other, this is possible with the resource dependencies.

During the booking itself, clever functions support your employees or customers to ensure that the appropriate booking rules or resource dependencies are adhered to.

Other functions: