Appointment planner online

Online appointment planner - always well organised with Locaboo

Statistics show that an employee spends an average of more than five days a year on the phone and sending emails to deal with booking requests and other administrative matters. These time-consuming activities are now taken over by the practical Locaboo online appointment planner software. Manage all requests online and simplify the entire management.

See how customer bookings create the appointment scheduler online on their own and use the time gained elsewhere.

Via the dashboard, you have complete customer or member profiles with addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses immediately at hand.

Locaboo offers professional customer management made to measure with numerous settings and special modules.

In addition to the date selection, also list additional bookable services, inventory and popular combinations.

Distribute tasks and optimise collaboration by giving each employee their own calendar.

In addition, as an administrator, you keep an eye on everything.

Is it worth the effort for a small company?

Yes, because the Locaboo online scheduling software is not only geared towards deepening and expanding customer contacts, but also helps to eliminate internal processes such as weekly staff deployment and working time recording.

To-do lists, periodic meetings or visits from the public order office are never forgotten again thanks to notes in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rhythms.

The utilisation of your rental properties, resources and rooms can improve significantly with the Locaboo booking widget on your website.

More advantages of Locaboo

Thanks to online scheduling, private users, associations and companies are always in touch with their customers and are well prepared for unforeseen changes. Detailed preparation in planning and live mode enables the seamless allocation of available appointments. The customer automatically sees only the free time slots. Previous schedules can be imported completely. Conflict management reports time overlaps, which you can immediately resolve in the hidden booking scheduling. The Locaboo online appointment scheduling software is also available as a free app, allowing mobile participants to book an appointment with just a few clicks.

Get to know the numerous application possibilities of the Locaboo online appointment planner software in the non-binding 30-day trial version!
If you would like to be trained quickly, you and your team can register for a group training session or a personal individual training session at your premises.

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