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Die öffentliche Hand: Schulen und Vereine stellen Sporthallen zur Verfügung, deren Auslastung möglichst kostendeckend sein muss. Der Besucherkreis ist sehr groß, da Sport in jedem Alter nicht nur die Gesundheit, sondern auch die Geselligkeit fördert. Auch viele soziale Einrichtungen nutzen bereits die Sportstättenverwaltung Software, um bei der Turnhallenverwaltung durch die Automatisierung immer wiederkehrender Prozesse Arbeitszeit einzusparen.

A single person can manage a whole arsenal of different objects via the dashboard. All user data is recorded in the customer administration and can be easily accessed. You can also extend access to affiliated service companies, such as caretakers, craftsmen or cleaning companies, who also require access at any time outside opening hours.

The free Locaboo website widgets are particularly suitable for unforeseen assignments of the aforementioned target groups. Nowadays, customers also prefer to use their smartphones to find out about available appointments at a certain time. As an administrator, you can use the search and filter functions to call up individual contacts in a matter of seconds, for example to answer questions or create invoices. Preset data on regular customers is transferred to the new invoice form, so that collective invoices for regular use can also be created quickly. The invoices are preferably sent by e-mail.

Wie steigert sich Ihre Auslastung nachhaltig?

Das wichtigste Feature der Raumverwaltung ist der Belegungskalender. In verschiedenen Ansichten erhalten Sie per Mausklick sofort eine Übersicht bezüglich:

  • Buchungen
  • Buchungs-Anfragen
  • Wiederkehrende Buchungen
  • Saison-Buchungen
  • Sperrzeiten
  • Ferientermine

In seasonal planning, you can copy regular occupancies and enter appointments for a future period. Automation as well as constant accessibility online drives away expensive idle time. Especially commercial sports facilities increase the attractiveness of their sports hall by offering it to the public first and as a result also increase the number of bookings. Typically, many managers print out the booking schedule and post it on the notice board. Locaboo also offers users the possibility to book required inventory. The Locaboo software clearly shows which equipment is available or occupied in which hall and in which period. The Locaboo gym management software offers the useful option of renting out parts of resources.

In this way, larger facilities and sports centres benefit from a large number of additional bookings.

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