Shared Workspace

Shared Workspace - What is it?

The modern world of work is constantly changing and producing new models. One of these is the so-called shared workspace. The term for this effective working environment comes from English: "shared" means "divided", "workspace" is the room in which one works. shared workspaces - also known as "coworking spaces", are as workplaces that people share with each other.

Important: This does not mean sharing a workplace in the sense of a job (job sharing). A shared workspace is a workplace in a room or a building that is available to several professionals or students and is used in return for rent.

Ideal infrastructure for individual and creative work

Spaces where shared workspaces are available for use offer tenants the ideal infrastructure for their individual work. Basics in this context are, of course, a desk and desk chair. All electrical installations - electricity, light and internet - and of course heating are available.

There is usually also a small kitchen where coffee, tea and snacks can be prepared and the salad and water you brought with you can be stored in the fridge. Of course, sanitary facilities such as a toilet and washbasin are also available. Around the computer-based shared workspace there are power sockets for the use of chargers and co, printer, copier and fax.

Cost-efficient for all shared workspace tenants

The advantages for the users are pleasing. The main advantage for many tenants of a shared workspace is the high savings potential in terms of costs. This is because the costs are divided by the number of tenants, so that everyone only pays a fraction of the total costs. Those who have a copier or printer also benefit from the shared equipment.

For many tenants, the shared workspace is also the space where undisturbed work can be combined with creative exchange with other colleagues in the coworking space.

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