Belegungsplaner für effiziente Raumverwaltung in Städten und Kommunen

Occupancy planner for efficient room management with Locaboo

Indispensable for efficient use of sports areas.

It is becoming increasingly common for rooms, halls and sports fields to be used in short intervals. Keeping track of this with a handwritten occupancy plan is becoming correspondingly more difficult and time-consuming.

The occupancy plan software from Locaboo provides a remedy. It supports a wide range of companies and institutions when it comes to the efficient use of rooms and other resources.

Advantages of the Locaboo booking plan software

Meeting rooms are in short supply? Use Locaboo's software for high-level occupancy of available rooms. You have an overview of free capacities at all times, employees can choose from the available rooms online without considerable effort. The hassle of double occupancy comes to an end. And the booking of drinks and technical equipment can be done directly at the time of booking.

Do you rent out or manage the occupancy of halls and sports fields? You have an overview of the current booking of these rooms at all times, whether they are private or public. The booking schedule software gives your customers an insight into all available dates. They can reserve and book online. And invoicing is also done automatically with the integrated billing tool.

Clubs also benefit from the booking plan software

The customised Locaboo app informs members which halls and sports areas are occupied. Special seasonal planning between the seasons and holidays makes it easier to switch between different utilisations.

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