Locaboo as
Smart Occupancy Solution

With intelligent occupancy, you not only increase the utilization density of existing areas and rooms, but also act sustainably and reduce your administrative effort.
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Because Smart Occupancy is more than just occupancy.

Increase utilization and act sustainably with intelligent occupancy.

Smart occupancy refers to the intelligent management and use of space and goes far beyond the actual German translation of "intelligent occupancy".
The aim is to improve the interaction between people and the time-bound resource "space" and, above all, to act in a sustainable and administratively friendly way.

Municipal spaces and areas are not used in any relevant way for more than 90 percent of their lifetime or 65 percent of their core time. Multiple use is a way to effectively increase the density of use in a city or municipality, to use spaces better and more effectively, and to make them available to different user groups simply and quickly.

Used as a Smart Occupancy Solution, Locaboo is the ideal companion for efficiently increasing the utilization density of your spaces.
With Locaboo, you can rely on a scalable platform, which makes it easy for you to become a "smart city" in no-time.
Woman at high table in city administration manages Locaboo.
Because Smart Occupancy is more than just occupancy.

With Locaboo you create visible and
tangible steps in the smart city context.

Locaboo unifies the entire workflow of
resource management and booking for modern organisations, giving everyone the easiest access without any hassle.

1. manage

Manage all kinds of resources in Locaboo simply and easily, e.g.

  • Sports facilities,
  • Meeting rooms,
  • culture and event spaces, coworking spaces or your
  • Vehicle fleet and corresponding
  • Inventory.
2. working together

With Locaboo, you no longer have to manually reconcile Excel spreadsheets or awkwardly coordinate appointments via email. Control booking processes in real time. Release requests automatically or manually via the platform and automate your invoicing.

3. evaluate

Analyse your occupancy times on the basis of rooms or different user groups to keep a better eye on your utilisation and optimise times if necessary.

Not only "smart" -
but can be used in a variety of ways and still fit perfectly.

Locaboo accompanies the entire process of municipal
booking and occupancy planning and is versatile in its use.

No Excel.
No paper.

Use the latest technologies with Locaboo to advance your municipal digitalisation.
At the same time, strengthen your citizen service with an information offer that can be accessed online, at any time and from anywhere.

Booking calendar and
online booking platform.

Let associations or citizens view the availabilities of your offers and offer a booking or a booking request with an internal approval process. In this way, you fulfil the wishes of the applicants as well as the internal requirements of the award.

Easy communication:
Internally and externally.

Locaboo takes over the notification of new bookings, changes or cancellations.
Internal responsible persons, your customers but also external service providers are informed automatically and can access occupancies if required.

Online payment and
automatic invoicing.

With Locaboo you can digitise the entire process, from online booking to billing.
If you offer online payment, invoices are automatically created based on all available data, which are digitally available and can be processed further.

Coverage of all municipal charging systems.

Locaboo offers 100% coverage of all municipal charging systems.
This saves you manual effort and receipts can be transferred automatically, if desired also linked to the corresponding cost centres.

Integrations and
open API.

With Locaboo, you are relying on a platform that is constantly evolving and is open to third-party integrations and applications. Already today, financial interfaces to DATEV, SAP but also digital access systems such as Tapkey and more are available to you.

No matter whether sports facilities, event spaces, meeting rooms, vehicle fleets or coworking spaces.
With Locaboo, you can cover all municipal use cases and still start small.
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um Räume- und Ressourcen zu verwalten und online buchbar zu machen.

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With intelligent occupancy
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