Locaboo as
Workspace Solution

With Locaboo's Workspace Solution, you can use your
premises more efficiently, save costs and better meet
the individual needs of employees and teams.
Clients who already trust us.
A holistic solution for the new world of work.

Hybrid becomes
the "New Normal".

Globally, the Corona crisis has dramatically affected many areas of our lives.
At Locaboo, we believe that this change will not only affect the way we work in the short term, but will have far-reaching implications for the world of work, workplace management and our lives in general.

The hybrid form of working will be with us for years to come and is fast becoming the "new normal" for modern organisations and teams in a post-pandemic era. It therefore makes sense to develop office spaces with a holistic solution to manage these new workspaces effectively and efficiently.

Used as a workspace solution
, Locaboo is the ideal companion for today's
hybrid working world.
With Locaboo, you can rely on a scalable platform,
, that lets you easily combine "home" and "office".
Woman at high table in city administration manages Locaboo.
Intelligent allocation and online booking of your resources.

Workspace bookings.

Locaboo unifies the entire workflow of room management and booking for modern organisations and teams, giving everyone the easiest access with no hassle.

1. manage

In Locaboo, you can easily manage not only rooms and workplaces, but also resources and your 2D maps (floor plans), which can be individually designed.

2. working together

Control booking processes in real time. Release requests automatically or manually. This is also possible via a multi-stage approval process. In addition, accesses can be digitally controlled via integrations such as Tapkey.

3. evaluate

Analyse your occupancy times on the basis of workstations, rooms or different teams and user groups to keep better track of your office and optimise it for efficiency.

Not only hybrid -
but versatile and still a perfect fit.

Locaboo accompanies the entire process of workspace
booking and occupancy planning and is versatile in its use.
From start-up to enterprise.

Your Office,
Your Rules.

Whether lead times or maximum booking duration. Map complex activity-based booking rules. There are no limits

2D maps

Book shared offices and workstations via customised 2D maps created especially for you for better orientation.

Check-in via smartphone

Already on site? No problem.
Locaboo offers the possibility to check in at the workspace either via QR code or even a specially branded NFC chip.

If you would like branded NFC chips for your workspace
and work surfaces, we would be happy to advise you!
Locaboo is the perfect solution for shared office space,
shared desks and meeting rooms, and all hybrid workspace scenarios.
To the industries
Über 500 zufriedene Kunden
vertrauen Locaboo bereits.

Zahlreiche Städte, Unternehmen und Organisationen aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz nutzen Locaboo, 
um Räume- und Ressourcen zu verwalten und online buchbar zu machen.

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Efficient in
the hybrid working world.

How to start a modern office management with the Locaboo Workspace Solution efficiently and with
little effort.


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