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City of Waltrop

Digital processes for the departments of culture, sport, education and leisure with a flexible software structure, perfect for all application purposes.
The city of Waltrop trusts Locaboo.

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Initial situation

Joint work with quick access to all event locations and venues is not fully possible due to many manual isolated solutions from the different departments.

The different occupancy characters, ranging from simple training occupancy in local sports facilities, to large events in the city hall. All of them include different planning efforts as well as detailed information of certain bookings. 

Until today, a large amount of accounting information was regularly stored in Excel tables and other tools and partly synchronised manually. This is non-transparent, error-prone and not only for third parties only conditionally comprehensible.

The goal was to think holistically about processes and to digitalise them with innovative solutions, ultimately reducing the amount of work and the susceptibility to errors.

Portrait of Sören Backhove
Sören Backhove
Cultural Office of the City of Waltrop

One software for all event processes, including automatic creation and observance of complex payment systems and settlements.

Different occupancy characteristics require different approaches. For example, it is important that the software solution can automatically differentiate payment systems according to user groups, event types and services.
Invoices and rental contracts should also be able to be created without effort and fully automatically. The solution must also be able to completely cover time-based in-depth planning with tasks, services, technology, etc. up to the automatically generated function sheet.

"Many software applications offer solutions for specific sub-areas. However, the question of which application can combine all the processes in the area of sport and culture was crucial for us."
Sören Backhove
Cultural Office of the City of Waltrop

As a complete solution, Locaboo covers all complexities of room booking and also enables a holistically conceived and integrative event process with the "Event Manager".

From now on, each department can decide for itself which details and information are to be stored for an event. While simple individual or series dates are generated for sports facilities, queries such as the number of people, seating arrangements and more are necessary in the city hall. All this can now be stored in detail in Locaboo. The process from quotation to order confirmation and invoicing is now automated. Due to the standardisation and central control of all processes, they are now optimised, less error-prone and less time-consuming to maintain.

Locaboo enables us to manage our processes more easily on a day-to-day basis by standardising and digitalising them. Due to simple user guidance and a multitude of important functions, we were also able to cover our challenges in a cost-saving way.


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