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City of Singen

Digital processes for all types of resources in the city in just one software.
The city of Singen relies on automated booking processes with Locaboo.

Logo of the city of Singen.
Initial situation

Different resources with different processes and no suitable solution for online services.

Sports facilities and vehicle fleets have one thing in common: they are important resources that need to be offered to citizens or city employees as efficiently and transparently as possible. 

Currently, it is neither possible to view sports facility bookings nor to book them by clubs and citizens.

But even the city's internal fleet of vehicles is not efficient with Excel entries and requires an enormous amount of manual effort. Excel spreadsheets are usually not up to date and can be viewed by every employee, which can lead to double entries. The recording of kilometres driven cannot be evaluated on paper and requires manual effort every year in order to create the corresponding evaluations.

Portrait of Fabian Wilhelmsen of the city of Singen.
Fabian Wilhelmsen
Sports, Baths & Administration Department
Photo of the open-air swimming pool of the city of Singen.

Drive digitalisation forward, not forgetting political concerns and the needs of citizens.

The solution must satisfy all areas. Political decisions have to be respected, but work processes and citizen services still have to be in the foreground.

Viel Ergebnis mit wenig Aufwand. Im 21ten Jahrhundert muss der Verwaltungsaufwand im Zusammenspiel mit Bürgern deutlich verbessert werden.
Fabian Wilhelmsen
Sports, Baths & Administration Department

Publish occupancies and book resources online - with easy evaluation options.

Clubs & citizens can now book sports facilities themselves. The city's employees thus save working time while at the same time improving citizen services.
Comprehensive statistics provide policymakers with a better basis for decision-making and the added value of municipal resources is proven once again.

Free capacities of the city's internal vehicle fleet can now also be viewed quickly and easily by city employees and booked directly online. The kilometres driven are automatically queried and evaluated by Locaboo at the end of use. This saves a lot of time for manual data collection.

With automatisms and an online booking system, the city of Singen is now a big step ahead in terms of the "digital city".


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